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Clipping Path

Effortlessly Isolate Multiple Elements with VectorWiz's Multi Clipping Path Service.

VectorWiz’s multi clipping path service makes it easy to isolate multiple elements within your images, remove backgrounds, change colors, or cut out aspects for other designs. Our skilled graphic designers use the latest vector graphics software to carefully craft precise paths around the desired elements, ensuring that you get professional, high-quality results every time.

With our fast turnaround times and affordable pricing, our service is perfect for businesses needing to prepare product images for eCommerce or for anyone looking to improve the look and flexibility of their images. So why waste time and effort trying to isolate elements within your images using essential image editing software? Let VectorWiz handle the task for you, and experience the ease and convenience of our multiple clipping path service.

Basic Multi Clipping Path

Multi-clipping paths involving simple shapes and clearly defined lines are suitable for objects with a few smooth or straight edges, such as eyeglasses, watches, electronic devices, furniture, and containers.  These types of basic multi-clipping paths help isolate specific areas of an object that need to be edited, such as the frames and lenses of eyewear, the device and screen of electronic devices, or different parts of a piece of furniture.

Simple Multi Clipping Path

Multi-clipping paths that involve a few straight or curved edges are suitable for slightly more complex objects than those that can be handled with basic multi-clipping paths.

These types of simple multi-clipping paths are used on objects with multiple interior areas or are made up of groups of simple objects, such as stacks of linens, groups of apparel, sets of cutlery, or single objects with multiple “holes.” These objects may be more challenging to isolate and edit using multi-clipping paths. Still, it is possible to achieve accurate and high-quality results with the right software and skilled designers.

Medium Multi Clipping Path

Multi-clipping paths that are suitable for more complex objects, such as complete outfits or very detailed apparel, are known as medium multi-clipping paths. 

These types of paths are often used on images that feature multiple pieces of clothing or accessories, such as fully customizable shoes, jacket and shirt combinations, or garments with complicated closures. Medium multi-clipping paths are best for isolating and selecting elements within an image that are more detailed and require higher precision to edit accurately. 

Complex multi Clipping Path

Complex multi-clipping paths are necessary when an image contains many elements with numerous straight or curved edges that need to be isolated and edited individually. 

These paths require advanced Photoshop techniques and a high level of skill to produce a natural-looking output and are more expensive and time-consuming to create. Complex multi-clipping paths may be used on images of complex products with multiple holes, such as motorbikes or pet carriers, intricate jewelry and ornaments, furniture with multiple cut-outs, groups of different objects, images with multiple fuzzy-edged objects, or photos with large groups of people. 

Benefits of Multiple Clipping Path Service

Industries That Need Multiple Clipping Path Service

Multiple clipping path services separates a specific element or object from its background in an image. It is commonly used in the following industries


Online retailers often use multi clipping path service to showcase their products on a white or transparent background, making it easier for customers to envision the products in their own space.


Professional photographers use multi clipping path service to remove distractions from the background of their images, allowing the subject to stand out more.


Print companies often use multi clipping path services to ensure that the images they print are high quality and free of distractions.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers use multi clipping path services to create clean and polished designs for various projects, such as brochures, business cards, and websites.

Advertising and Marketing

Companies use multi clipping path services to create visually appealing advertisements and marketing materials. For example, a clothing retailer may use the service to remove the background from a model's image, making it easier for the viewer to focus on the advertised clothing.

Architecture and Real Estate

In the architecture and real estate industries, multi clipping path service is often used to remove the background from images of buildings and properties, allowing the viewer to focus on the structure itself.

Maximizing Your Image Editing with the VectorWiz’s Multi Clipping Path Services.

Multi-clipping path services are a powerful tool for isolating and editing specific elements within an image, but not all multi-clipping path projects are created equal. Depending on the complexity and detail of the edited objects, different levels of skill and precision may be required to achieve accurate and high-quality results. That’s why VectorWiz offers a range of multi-clipping path service categories.

Why Should You Choose VectorWiz for Your Multi Clipping Path Service?

Think precision, affordability, and lightning-fast results, think VectorWiz as your clipping path service.


VectorWiz has a team of skilled designers trained in advanced image editing techniques. This means that you can trust us to deliver high-quality results and do the job accurately and effectively.


VectorWiz is dedicated to delivering the best possible results for its customers. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure your images look polished and professional.


VectorWiz uses advanced technology to provide industries best image masking service. You can expect fast turnaround times, allowing you to get your edited images back in a timely manner.


VectorWiz offers a range of image masking services, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether you need to masking a single image or a batch of images, VectorWiz has the expertise.

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We believe in providing professional-grade services at affordable rates. We offer competitive pricing to ensure our services are accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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Multi Clipping Path Service Common Questions

A multi clipping path is a graphical editing technique to isolate and separate multiple objects within an image. It involves creating a path or shape around each object you want to isolate and then cutting the object out of the image. The resulting image will have each object on a separate layer, allowing you to edit or change each object independently. A multi clipping path service is a professional service that utilizes this technique to edit images. It is often used in professional photography and graphic design to isolate and manipulate specific elements within an image.

A single clipping path service isolates a single object within an image, whereas a multi clipping path service separates multiple objects within an image. A single clipping path involves creating a single path or shape around the object you want to isolate and using that path to cut the object out of the image. A multi clipping path involves creating multiple paths or shapes around each object you want to isolate and using those paths to cut each object out of the image.

A multi clipping path service can enhance the quality of an image in several ways.Firstly, it allows for the isolation and manipulation of specific objects within an image, which can improve the overall composition and aesthetic of the image. Removing unwanted elements or distractions from the image, and highlighting the subjects or objects of interest, a multi clipping path service can create a cleaner and more polished look.Additionally, a multi clipping path service can be used to remove the background of an image, which can improve the overall clarity and focus of the image. By eliminating the distractions of a busy or cluttered background, a multi-clipping path service can draw the viewer’s attention to the subjects or objects within the image’s foreground.

A multi clipping path service can be very accurate in isolating objects in an image, depending on the skill and experience of the person performing the service. A clipping path is a vector path used to define the outline of an object in an image, and a multi clipping path refers to the use of multiple clipping paths in a single image.

Yes, a multi clipping path service can often be used with other image editing services to achieve the desired final result. Clipping paths are often used in conjunction with other image editing techniques to isolate objects in an image so that they can be manipulated or edited separately from the rest of the image.