Clipping Path

Clipping Path

Get professional clipping path services from Vectorwiz for high-quality image editing. Our skilled designers use the latest techniques to isolate and remove backgrounds, resulting in natural and seamless final products.

Background Remove

Background Removal

Get Vectorwiz’s professional background removal service to remove the background from your images. With Vectorwiz’s Background Removal Service, you can elevate your images to the next level.

Image Shadow


Enhance the visual appeal of your designs with Vectorwiz’s professional shadow-adding service. Our team of skilled designers will add the perfect shadow effect to your images, giving them depth, dimension, and realistic touch.

Color Changing

Color Change

Get true-to-life color in any shade you need from Vectorwiz’s color-change service. Our team of the expert designer will find the right color tone for your image.

Image Masking

Image Masking

Trust Vectorwiz to give you the industry's best image masking service. We guarantee flawless Photoshop creation, on-time delivery, and the best prices.

Photo Retouch

Photo Retouching

Since 2021, VectorWiz has established itself as the most reliable company in online picture retouching services. Fill down your requirements and submit your images; we will take care of everything else.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Create 3D looks with Vectorwiz's photoshop ghost mannequin service. We’re here to make your photos look incredible.

Multi Clipping Path

Multi Clipping Path Service

VectorWiz, the industry’s premier provider of multi clipping path services, guarantees flawless photo editing, on-time delivery, and the best prices.

Vector Conversation Service

Vector Services

Convert raster images to vector files with our vector conversion services to get visuals that are not only clear and concise but also scalable without compromising quality.

Let our potent professionals edit your images for an affordable price!