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Product Image Shadow is essential for adding dimension, realism, and viewpoint to your product images.

The VectorWiz shadow adding service is the premier eCommerce photo editing service provider, working with the most rapidly expanding brands.

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Experience the Magic of Shadow Adding with VectorWiz

Are you tired of flat, lifeless images that lack depth and dimension? Do you want to add a touch of realism and professionalism to your designs? Look no further than VectorWiz’s shadow adding service! Our team of skilled designers will work their magic to give your images the perfect shadow effect, adding visual interest and making them stand out.

Whether you’re working on a marketing campaign, designing a website, or creating social media content, adding shadows to your images can take them to the next level.  With VectorWiz’s shadow adding service, you can trust us to deliver top-notch results every time. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible and go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Try our shadow adding service today and see the magic for yourself.

Our Shadow Effect services

The shadow effect on product images is the way of the future for online product sales. We work to create a shadow effect that is seamless, dependable, and as realistic as possible in order to improve the appearance of your products.

Drop Shadow Adding Service

Looking to add some visual interest to your designs? Consider using a drop shadow! A drop shadow is a design technique that involves adding a subtle shadow behind an object, giving it a sense of depth and dimension.

At VectorWiz, we offer a top-notch drop shadow adding service that can take your designs to the next level. Our team of skilled designers will expertly apply the perfect drop shadow effect to your images, ensuring a seamless and realistic result. We pride ourselves on providing the most affordable, high-quality drop shadow services available.

Drop Shadow
Cast Shadow

Cast Shadow Adding Service

Are you looking to add a sense of realism and depth to your designs? Consider using cast shadows! A cast shadow is a shadow that is created when an object blocks light from a specific direction, creating a visual indication of the object’s presence and location with its surroundings.

At VectorWiz, we offer a professional cast shadow adding service that can bring your designs to life. Our team of skilled designers will expertly apply the perfect cast shadow effect to your images, giving them a realistic and professional touch. We handle the light-blocking portions and assist in achieving the desired look for your photographs.

Reflection Shadow Adding Service

Looking to add a touch of realism and sophistication to your designs? Consider using reflection shadows! A reflection shadow is a design technique that involves adding a shadow to an object cast by its reflection on a surface.

At VectorWiz, we offer a top-notch reflection shadow adding service that can take your designs to the next level. Our team of skilled designers will expertly apply the perfect reflection shadow effect to your images. You will, in the end, receive the most efficient Photoshop Reflection Shadow effect creation service, which will dependably turn your imagination into a concrete reality.

Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow Adding Service

Are you looking to add a sense of realism and authenticity to your designs? Consider using natural shadows! Natural shadows are created when light is blocked by an object, creating a visual indication of the object’s presence and location within its surroundings.

Our expert image editors are familiar with the various kinds of light sources, and the light from different directions can come, which allows them to cast shadows on your product images. You will, in the end, receive the most efficient Photoshop shadow creation service, which will dependably turn your imagination into a concrete reality.

What Are The Advantages Of Shadow Service

What are the Advantages of Shadow Service?

One of the main advantages of shadow adding is that it can help to improve the realism of an image. By adding shadows to an image, you can create the illusion of depth and create a sense of distance between objects in the image. This can make the image feel more lifelike and closer to a photograph or a real-life setting.

Shadow adding can also help to enhance lighting effects in an image. By adding shadows, you can create diffuse reflections and soft shadows that can add depth and dimension to the image. This can help to create a more realistic and visually appealing image.

In addition to enhancing lighting effects, shadow addition can also help to create a greater sense of depth in an image. Shadows can help to create a sense of distance between objects in the image, making it feel more immersive and realistic.

Moreover, shadow adding is that it allows for greater attention to detail in an image. By adding shadows, you can create a greater sense of depth and dimension, even in small objects or features that might otherwise be overlooked. This can help to create a more visually appealing and realistic image.

When you need to use the Photo Shadow Effect?

After taking a product photograph, eCommerce entrepreneurs require this service. If you believe that your product photograph could benefit from a more professional appearance, use the shadow effect to make your images effective.

Photoshop shadow gives the image an aesthetic quality. Professional editors give your unretouched product image an outstanding appearance. And when you need to get the best look from a photograph of a product, cast shadows on it. The Shadow effect is magically effective in every photograph.

Once more, organizations that need to improve their sales require Shadow effects. Even if you have utilized every resource, you may not be achieving the desired outcome. Employ a professional image editor to eliminate shadow effects. You can distinguish between an unrefined shadow effect and one that has been refined.

Utilize the shadow services when you need to improve image quality as well as appearance. The leading eCommerce companies utilize these services to increase website traffic. These effects are important for creating a potential customer base.

In addition, you require this service after removing the background using the section method. Because at that point the image appears to be flat. The shadow services give this image new life.

Who Needs Shadow Adding Service

Color change is a process that can be used in many industries to achieve a specific look or result. For example:



Designers need shadow adding services to create product images that look realistic and stand out from the competition. By adding a realistic shadow effect, designers can make objects appear more three dimensional, add depth to photographs and make images look more lifelike. Shadow adding services provide designers with the ability to adjust parameters such as lightness, darkness, size, color and position of the shadow, giving them the flexibility to bring their creative ideas to life quickly and easily.

Clothing Retailers

Clothing Retailers

Shadowing services for clothing retailers help them to fill out online product catalogs. When a retailer adds a product to their online store, they need more than just pictures of the garment – they need images that show how it looks on a real person in action. Creating those images requires time and money, and often retailers don’t have the resources necessary to create the perfect shot. Shadowing services are able to do this quickly and cost-effectively, creating realistic shots that customers can use to better visualize what a particular item looks like on an actual person.

Brand Marketers

Brand Marketers need shadow-adding services to boost the visibility of health and wellness brands. Shadow adding involves creating content that amplifies a brand’s message, such as sharing positive reviews, and feedback from consumers, and providing helpful tips about products or services. This content is then posted on relevant online channels such as social media to help build brand awareness. Shadow-adding services help marketers reach more people on the Internet, increase their visibility for better search engine optimization (SEO), raise their online reputation, and improve their customer experience.

Digital media agencies

Shadow adding service helps to create a realistic and attractive final image for digital media agencies’s customers. For instance, if a customer wants to enhance the vividness of the sky in one of their images, a digital media agency can add an appropriate shadow to the image to achieve this effect. Additionally, this technique can be used to add highlights and dimensionality which will help bring the focus onto specific parts of the photograph.

eCommerce Business Owners

eCommerce Business Owners

Shadow adding in an eCommerce product helps to capture user attention by having additional images featured on the product page. Shadow adding adds a sense of depth and makes the product appear as though it is hovering or floating, which helps to capture user attention and increases click-through rates. This encourages potential customers to engage more with the store, increasing both consumer engagement and conversion rates - two essential metrics for success when running an eCommerce business.

Artists and Creative Professionals

Artists and Creative Professionals

Shadow adding, also known as drop shadowing, is a way for artists and creative professionals to take their design pieces to the next level. With shadows added to your artwork, you can create much more realistic 3D effects that make the image stand out from other similar content. Additionally, using this service ensures that it’s easy for clients or collaborators to understand the concept behind the design - something which isn’t always evident without the added shadow effect.



Shadow adding is a technique that photographers use to increase the realism of their photos. It is often necessary for images featuring models or products since shadows tend to be lost or removed in the editing process. Shadow adding helps to create depth and dimension, making the photo look more dynamic and detailed.



Publications need shadow-adding services because the images used in print publications require subtle shadows to make them more visually appealing. Shadows can add depth and perspective to a design element, making it look more realistic and professional. Shadows also help draw attention to certain areas within the publication's layout.

Why Should You Choose VectorWiz for Your Shadow Adding Service?

Think precision, affordability, and lightning-fast results, think VectorWiz as your clipping path service.


VectorWiz has a team of skilled designers trained in advanced image editing techniques. This means that you can trust us to deliver high-quality results and do the job accurately and effectively.


VectorWiz is dedicated to delivering the best possible results for its customers. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure your images look polished and professional.


VectorWiz uses advanced technology to provide industries best image masking service. You can expect fast turnaround times, allowing you to get your edited images back in a timely manner.


VectorWiz offers a range of image masking services, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether you need to masking a single image or a batch of images, VectorWiz has the expertise.

Affordable Rates

We believe in providing professional-grade services at affordable rates. We offer competitive pricing to ensure our services are accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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At VectorWiz, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to all our clients. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance whenever you need it.

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Shadow Common Questions

The Shadow Adding Service is a service offered by VectorWiz that allows users to add realistic shadows to their vector graphics and designs.

To use the Shadow Adding Service, users must upload their vector graphic or design via direct mail or filling the form. We can then customize the shadow by adjusting its size, direction, and intensity and selecting the type of shadow (e.g., hard shadow, soft shadow, etc.) that clients want to add.

The Shadow Adding Service allows users to add various shadow types, including hard, soft, and drop shadows. Users can also customize the shadow’s size, direction, and intensity to achieve the desired effect.

Yes, the Shadow Adding Service is only available for vector graphics and designs. However, VectorWiz offers a range of other services for raster images and graphics, including image resizing, image optimization, and image conversion.